A beginning..

There are various reasons why people start a blog…some like to write, to express themselves…some just want to share their experiences with others…some even write about specific things…some just type some goss for others to read…

My reason? I really don’t have one….

In fact, I don’t like the idea of a blog: a diary which anyone can read…I’ve never written a diary in real life, so why online, where anyone can post comments, circulate it and do what they feel (i.e. if anyone reads it in the first place); though blogs are now mostly impersonal journals for views/angst ridden rants etc… Then having something to write regularly is a big pain…like what from the regular drudgery of law school life can you pick out for others to read…”I woke up late, missed one hour, got proxy for it, walked out of the other three hours, ate lunch, slept, don’t know what happened till late night, and then slept again”…it’s amazing how much free time we have here in law school – its supposed to be used constructively…and maybe I am doing that right now 🙂


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